About me

about me Michelle

Hi, I’m Michelle Herbison and I like cutting corners.

I like cheap things, I like easy things, I like cheap and easy things and I like finding ways to make interesting and/or complicated things more cheap and/or easy.

It’s not that I don’t work hard. I spent six years working and training tirelessly as a ski instructor towards my International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) certificate. You can read all about my 2011 season working full-time for Mt Hotham at Snow Notes.

I’m also dedicated to working damn hard at my career. I got to where I am currently through doing entirely the opposite of cutting corners: working determinedly as a volunteer, a university student, a jobseeker and now a journalist.  You can read my work at the Independent and GC Magazine.

Despite now working full-time and being all shacked up and adult living with my boyfriend, Dan, I like to think I’m pretty unconventional.

In my spare time I like to do a little bit of a lot of activities. I’ve found that usually means finding ways to save time and/or money. Also sometimes I simply like to save brainpower or my good health. I like cutting the corners that are less essential to achieving something worthwhile.

Lately I’ve been finding my own way through craft activities like knitting, sewing and making origami jewellery, which you can check out at my Etsy shop.

I’ve also been faking my way through tending to a garden and regularly preparing gourmet and/or healthy meals on a budget.

I’ll always find something to keep me busy and interested.

As long as I can cut some corners to make it cheap and/or easy – but not necessarily both.

Welcome to my world.


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