Time for the next corner

It’s gotten away from me. I planned to blog once a week when I started Cutting Corners in December 2012 but it just hasn’t worked out in these last few months. Looking back to where my life was back then, a lot has changed. I was living in peaceful Torquay, away from most friends and family, working a job I was comfortable in after more than a year. Free time to dedicate to leisure pursuits was easy to find.

Since then I’ve moved back to Melbourne, changed jobs and embarked on an unbelievably busy university experience. This past semester I have barely found time to vacuum or cook dinner let alone make a skirt or learn a new recipe. We don’t have a yard or balcony in our new place so my vegetable gardening exploits are temporarily on hold. These days when I grab five minutes of spare time, I find myself being social or active outdoors.

Cutting Corners was all about me cutting corners with my various hobbies so as to find time to do all of them at least a bit and really balance my life. I spend enough time on a computer reading and writing with uni and work, so I’ve been feeling recently that the time is right to cut corners with one activity that’s been weighing on my busy mind. I’m ready to cut corners with this blog.

A big thank you needs to go out to all of you who have been reading and commenting on my sometimes odd array of posts for the past nearly two years or so. Special thanks of course to my subscribers who voluntary allow me into your inboxes whenever I post.

Who knows what I will decide to do with my writing in the future? I may or may not be back on here someday, but I can guarantee I’ll be publishing something online in some form.

See you around the next corner!


2 responses

  1. Well it has been a very interesting period in your life and I am sure you will a lot more short periods(they seem long at the time but looking back they are really only short) that will be filled with interesting, enjoyable, tiring, exciting, funny, sad and happy times. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the next couple of years with all these other things happening.

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