Alice’s homemade tin soup

Sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it? Actually this is a soup recipe my sister invented by opening some tins and throwing the ingredients in a pot to make soup. The result: a quick and delicious spiced lentil and pea soup.

What’s great about it is all the ingredients are long-lasting and the kind of things you can keep in storage in your pantry and freezer (and probably already do). I’m going to keep it in mind as a great option when we’ve run out of fresh food in the house.

The spice mix is changeable depending on taste, and I did it slightly different to Alice’s recommendations this time, and will probably try something slightly different next time, depending on taste.

All you do is this:

Cook about 1 tsp of turmeric and 2tsp each of coriander seed, hot paprika, sweet paprika and about 1/2 a tsp of chilli (About. then add more of any of these to taste).

Once the spices are hot and the flavours infused, add a can of lentils, a can of tomatoes and about the same amount of frozen peas. Cook until hot.

Alice blended hers with a stick mixer, but I like chunky soups so I just stirred it a bit.

You can serve it with toast and add cheese, salt, pepper, lemon juice… whatever works.

My version of Alice's homemade tin soup

My chunky version of the homemade tin soup

Alice's original homemade tin soup

Alice’s original homemade tin soup


3 responses

  1. Yours looks better than mine!!! Mine was pretty tasty though… I’ll have to make it your way next time :-). Good job cutting corners on an already simple recipe :-P.

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