Rushing to be early

To parties, I often argue that it’s ideal to be fashionably late.

But in the rest of the world, being late is rarely a good idea.

As someone who has certainly experienced the down-side of being late to an event and the stress of rushing to complete something on time, I have come to dislike being late when I don’t mean to be.

The reason why I’m able to write this post at the moment, without stress or worry that I should be getting somewhere (Ok, ok, I’m procrastinating from study. Again. You got me…), is that I rushed to get to the train early, and now I am waiting for it. It feels good.

You see, if I simply swapped the usual ‘rush to get to the train on time’ with a leisurely ‘leaving enough time to get to the train on time without stress’, chances are I would be sauntering along so relaxed that I would end up getting there with just as little time to spare as I would’ve had in the first instance. Either way, it’s risky.

That’s why I combined the two, to maximise my time and minimise stress, really.

Not only did I ‘leave enough time to get to the train on time without stress’, I gave myself a ridiculous deadline to rush there super quickly (imagine how bad it’d be if the train actually came early… not that that’s ever happened).

Instead of procrastinating about studying until the last minute then cramming in a panicky, last-minute flap, I stressed myself out early in the semester learning as much as possible, so that this time in the immediate lead-up to my exams would be less stressful. That is also why I am sitting here writing this instead of freaking out in my textbook.

It seems to be a new trend of mine lately: rushing to be early.

Now that’s over and done with, I’d really better start some last minute cramming before tonight’s exam.


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  1. I have spent my life being early, very early. Being picked up for basketball training as a kid i would arrive at the street corner where we were supposed to me about an hour early. i still do stupid things like this. At the end of my life I would like to make a deal and add all that waiting time to my life. Who knows i may get another year.

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