A water sports adventure in pics and video

I’m kind of in the market for a new phone at the moment, slowly and steadily trying to decide which model I want to test out after I ditch my tortoise-slow, unresponsive iPhone 4 whose predictive text function is abominable (a story for another day perhaps). It might be slightly uncharacteristic of me, but I want a really, really, brand new, super-duper high-tech phone.

Anyway, getting to my actual point: isn’t it great how you can take videos on your phone now?

I often tend to lag behind when it comes to uptake of technology as I have been stung in the past by wasting money on a new, promising product only to find out something else became the market leader for good reason. I don’t usually think of taking videos on my phone (I still have an old-school camera for that).

A couple of weekends ago we spent a fabulous couple of days on a friend’s houseboat at Lake Eildon, Victoria, trying all kinds of awesome water sports (my second-favourite kind after snow sports so I was ecstatic!) I did water-skiing on two skis then tried one ski for the first time, did some wake-boarding, and tried wake-surfing, which is apparently all the rage with the kiddies lately (you ‘surf’ the wake of the boat on a specially designed short surfboard with extra grip, holding onto a shorter rope than for wake-boarding. Apparently when you get good you can actually surf the wake without holding onto the rope at all!).

Most of the time while I wasn’t whizzing along on the icy cold water on some kind of ski/board device, I was lounging in the back of the speed boat, iPhone in hand, capturing everyone else’s moments. For some reason, I’d never thought to do this with my phone before. And for a moment, I was amazed at how great my Apple device (*cough* dodgy old slow piece of junk *cough*) was holding up. Then the storage filled up and blocked me from downloading anything. Anyway. The water-skiing was freaking cool.

Here are some shots of me having a blast (click to enlarge):

And a little video which hardly shows my best moments but it is at least something:

PS. Should I get a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active or a Galaxy Note 3? 


4 responses

  1. Hey Michelle,

    Showing off your multiple talents! However the video is ‘private’ and cannot be viewed. Might have to change the youtube settings on it.



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