Fast food at its finest

Uni’s almost over (well classes at least), which is a “Yay!” but there’s one thing I will really miss. Actually, it’s two things. My two new favourite fast food chains.

Bing Boy, “urban Asian street food” is a new take-away shop downstairs in Melbourne Central, near the train station that I get off at to go to uni.

A bing is a Chinese-Australian fusion food; “a thin wheat omelette wrap” with different delicious fillings, that has a really awesome texture – somewhere between a burrito, a pancake and an injera. They cook it fresh to order, right in front of your eyes. They slam the wrap onto the hotplate, lather it with egg, add crispy wonton pieces, salad ingredients, your choice of meat, and delicious sauce. It’s all wrapped up in a very handy paper roll with perforations you tear off as you eat through the wrap. My favourite is the Peking Duck flavour. Oh, and it’s cheap too. $6.90 for the cheapest, and each has options to add extra meat and/or salad. Start affordable and value-add: I approve.

Bing Boy at Melbourne Central

Bing Boy at Melbourne Central

The other fast food chain I’ve been frequenting recently is Roll’d. New Roll’d shops seem to be popping up all over the place so you’re bound to come across one pretty soon. It sells quite a wide range of Vietnamese street food, which seems to be all the rage at the moment. I’ve been regularly getting the “House Special” which includes a cup of pho, two rice paper rolls (they have a pretty wide selection too), dipping sauce and a house-made iced tea.  A delicious, healthy, filling dinner for $11.90. And they’ve recently built a Roll’d in the RMIT Business building where my classes are. Winner!

Roll'd Vietnamese street food - yum!

Roll’d Vietnamese street food – yum!

Well at least there are two things to draw me away from the beach and back to Melbourne over summer…


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