You might say I’ve been slack with posting lately. I feel bad. The guilt has been getting to me every day since I hit the one-week mark after my last post. 

Truth is, I’ve just been so busy. It’s not for lack of ideas; I’ve had plenty appear as I’m dashing between classes in the middle of the night. It’s just that life as a uni student living an hour’s train ride away is proving to be quite intense. I’m also a perfectionist and have been obsessively spending every opportunity studying like some kind of crazy person. 

I’ve finally been able to unleash my inner-nerd and get right into study. I read all three textbooks cover-to-cover in six weeks. Then I read another recommended book. I get started on every assignment as soon as the previous one is finished. I’ve handed some in weeks in advance. I get itchy and nervous if I spend two or three days in a row doing social things that don’t involve studying. I am a freak. I am really getting into it and pushing everything else aside.

We’re now in week 10 out of 12 so are on the home stretch. I’ve got a couple of major assignments and a few exams to go, and then I’ll be done for the semester. 

I’m looking forward to finding five minutes to make my origami earrings and put them in some shops for summer. 

I also really want to tell you all about the black bean fudge recipe I tried a few weeks back. 

I planted some spinach and lettuce in my lazy vegetable garden a while ago and would love to tell you about how it’s going. 

Maybe you’ll want to see the new super simple skirts I sewed a couple of weeks ago to add to my collection. 

The fact is, I’ve had to really prioritise my time over the past little while. Although I’ve found time to get started on some great projects I can write about on this blog, I simply haven’t had five minutes to write it down in an actual post. 

So you can look forward to when everything settles down a little. 


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  1. I guess knowing that you have also been fitting in a fair few days of paid work you can be excused for not keeping us informed via your blog….no ‘cutting corners’ tricks to reading text books cover to cover though?…..what a ‘nerd’ you have become…good luck to you; here’s hoping its all worthwhile😊

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