I tried learning to knit many many times in my life before it finally stuck… I think it has stuck now. I’m talking about basic knit, purl, cast on, cast off stuff. I always had Mum or Gran or someone over my shoulder telling me what to do, guiding me through it. I would go away and practice a bit on my own, then put it away for a while, and by the time I came back to it, I’d forgotten how to do it again. And the cycle continued.

Then Larry the lamb came along, and he saved me from my knitting woes. The pictures in Larry’s Learn to Knit book are so easy to follow! Good old Larry, he’s been there with me all the way, through the knits and the purls. Through the thick and the thin (wool and/or acrylic yarn which we’re not allowed to call wool because it isn’t really real wool its yarn).

So I want to share what I learnt from Larry the lamb… its more of an unbranded brochure really than a book (the only label on it is the woolmark), which I found lying around the house a while ago. It’s certainly been well-loved since. I’m pretty sure we got it for free from some kind of show or something so I’m assuming/hoping its ok to publish here…


So here we go – the first installment of Larry’s Learn to Knit lessons – casting on.



Stay tuned for the next lesson from Larry…


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