Gnocchi and dumplings

A little while ago my previous assumptions were absolutely turned on their head when I discovered the secret to easy gourmet, homemade pasta (Can you call gnocchi pasta? Well I will anyway). Gnocchi is just mashed potato and flour! So easy. I’m sure there are a few gourmet traditionalists who add other fancy ingredients like egg and milk and such, but I’m sticking to this incredible recipe I got from a man selling purple and pink potatoes at the Torquay Central Farmers Market over summer.

No artificial colours - the potatoes actually looked like that!

No artificial colours – the potatoes actually looked like that!

I am absolutely swamped in uni work at the moment so I’ll make this a quick one for you today.

– Chop potatoes

– Boil potatoes

– Add flour until dry enough to roll

– Roll into a long, narrow line and chop OR flatten out into a big rectangle and chop OR roll into little balls by hand

– Boil in water until they rise to the top.


Here is my weird twist on the recipe that I made the other day. I used half potato, half pumpkin and wholemeal self-raising flour… because that’s all I had. I mixed in a sprinkle of dried sage, salt and pepper and drizzled them with olive oil then ate as a side dish. Yum!

If you do want to use pumpkin instead of potato, it ends up being very wet so you need a lot more flour and the end result is more doughy, hard balls. The self-raising flour actually evened that result out a bit.

My gnocchi-inspired pumpkin dumplings.

My gnocchi-inspired pumpkin dumplings.


One response

  1. Oh yum…your creation looks and sounds terrific….I think I have just decided what I am going to do with a chunk of the humungous pumpkin Alice bought from our friendly ‘Potata man’:-)

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