Uni life

My lifestyle has taken a chaotic and exciting turn in the last couple of weeks since I started back at uni studying a master’s course. I have been up early and home late, I’ve spend numerous hours on trains, waiting in train stations, and sadly, in confused panic, frantically jumped into taxis when the trains didn’t seem to go where I wanted them to. I have spent hours trawling the internet for second hand text-books, pillaging the library for its free resources and lugging those heavy books around the city with me creating hand calluses and weird back-pain. Let me tell you, studying is hard work guys. And it’s only week two.

Postgraduate studies so far are fairly different to undergraduate. I’m at the same university but studying under a different school in a different building. Assignments start piling up from week one, not halfway through semester. Classes are smaller and we sit around tables in groups, facing each other like humans, rather than lined up in huge lecture theatres watching presentations. Students are engaged and interested, contribute to class discussions and have meaningful conversations with each other. Most classes are at night and they expect you to concentrate for three hours. That’s right folks, my classes go for three hours. It sounds dramatic but they are actually surprisingly easy to tolerate and I get the sense after every class that we’ve covered a lot of worthwhile content.

Last week I had a brief flash-back to my first day of high school when my maths teacher, the school principal, was explaining the timetable system. They had some kind of crazy explanation for this but the system dictated that every class went for 58 minutes. No more, no less. We’d barely gotten started, and then the bell rang. Ah, no, I don’t miss those days.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of months as I struggle to keep up with uni work and actual work as well as my long list of hobbies I’ve become accustomed to enjoying. When will I find time to knit, cook, sew, garden, make earrings and play my fiddle? Not to mention seeing friends, exercising and going skiing.

Wish me luck.


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  1. No doubt with your ability to ‘cut corners’ and manage your time you will fill your days with many and varied activities and retain connection with your friends and hobbies as well as find time for work and study….better to be busy than bored!….good luck and enjoy the change:-)

  2. I am sure you will really enjoy this time even though it is frantic at times and you will find yourself dashing from one thing to another. Your life has always been a bit that way hasn’t it!! Things will gradually fit in or you will prioritise and decide some will go on the back burner for another time – one can’t do everything after all.
    Enjoy it and find a bit of time for Dan and home too.

  3. Well, you’re young so you will fit it all in.
    It will be good learning to ‘think’ again. We tend to get complacent with routine.
    As soon as you have developed a work- life balance it will become easier. And remember to write to your family in UK! We like pics too! Have fun.

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