My losing battle with the vegetable garden

I am an absolutely disgraceful gardener. I can’t believe just how lazy I’ve been with maintaining my vegetable and herb gardens over the past few months. This time last year I got all excited about vegetable gardening after a season or so of success, so I dug up two more patches of dirt and planted a heap of seedlings in there. Maybe I got overexcited and maybe the woeful results that ensued are why my enthusiasm has somewhat dropped off lately. I had broccoli, cauliflower, leeks and peas in one garden, and two kinds of potatoes, normal carrots and purple carrots in the other garden.

NONE of it grew into anything edible.

It might have been the soil. It might have been the time of the year. Maybe I didn’t water them enough. Maybe I planted them too close together. There are so many factors to consider and it’s all very frustrating when things simply don’t work.

I wrote about the sad story of my cauliflower when it was time to pull it out and chuck it all in the compost (which is about the only part of my garden that’s doing well at the moment). It basically went to seed before I had a chance to harvest it.

My leeks were probably edible at some point but they never looked anything like the ones I’ve bought before, so I just left them in the ground until they grew… a bit… more… or… woops, they went to seed too, didn’t they?

Broccoli, worse. Peas, I don’t even know what happened with them.

But my carrots and potatoes were just incredible. In a bad way. They simply disappeared! One day the seedlings were growing along nicely, then there was nothing there. And nothing ever appeared. I really should get out there into that front garden and have a dig – who knows what kind of amazing surprises might be lurking in the ground!

The herb section of my garden has been my only salvation. Parsely, oregano, mint, sage and thyme have spread themselves wide enough that they won’t be disappearing anytime soon. I also have a few bits of silverbeet and rocket that like to keep growing most of the time. Maybe the key is that all of these successful vegetables are leafy. Obviously, anything that involves more than just a few leaves takes a lot more looking after.

Now’s not really the time to be planting anything yet (or so I hear that winter is not a planting season. I’m right aren’t I?). So maybe instead, I should be putting together a proper game plan so I know what I want to plant and when is the best time to try it.

Gardeners – what is the EASIEST vegetable you’ve grown? (and how did you do it?)


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  1. Vegies take a lot of feeding . Carrots need very friable soil so they can grow down down down – no stones, lumps in the ground etc.
    I don’t grow any vegies for myself because it costs so much for all the sprays and feeds etc., so I can buy a small amount of what I need at a fruit market and that keeps me going.
    Tomatoes are good to grow if you eat them (I don’t) and you can watch them grow in the garden or in a pot.

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