Toblerone ice-cream

This one has been a family favourite for a long time because it is probably the best ice-cream I’ve ever tasted. Really.

I’m not normally one to choose chocolate-flavoured desserts – I prefer other flavours like caramel or lemon for my cakes and slices, leaving chocolate to enjoy straight on its own. But this ice-cream recipe is somehow completely irresistible.

Having experimented with making some ice-cream in the last couple of years using an ice-cream machine, I realise how special this recipe is for freezing with a perfect consistency after being put straight in the freezer and left overnight.

I’ve actually never made it myself because Mum’s always surprising us with it on special occasions like this one:

My 15th birthday cake!

My actual 15th birthday cake!

You will need: 

– 200g Toblerone chocolate

– 100g dark chocolate

– 1 can sweetened condensed milk

– 600ml cream, lightly whipped

– A container (A Tupperware jelly ring mould is best)


– Break chocolate into small pieces

– Gently melt the two chocolates together then allow to cool slightly

– Add the condensed milk and lightly whipped cream

– Stir to combine

– Pour into a mould and freeze overnight

As you can see in these photos, Mum always likes to serve Toblerone ice-cream with some nice red berries.

Mum's Toblerone ice-cream

Mum’s Toblerone ice-cream – it hasn’t changed much in the last decade!



2 responses

  1. Really….I must confess…this is not ‘my icecream’…it’s yet another favourite from the Essendon Primary Cookbook (thanks to the Labourne Family…they call it Trish’s Icecream…I wonder where Trish got the recipe!?)
    You are right though; It’s YUM:-) I have been known to stray from the recipe and use all Toblerone or milk choc instead of dark…depending on what’s in the cupboard at the time!
    Whichever ever mix and whichever berries and whether its in the Tupperware ring or a regular container…it is always demolished very quickly:-)

  2. This reminds me of the cheats version of mango Kulfi. I wonder if its the sweetened condensed milk that makes it so easy to stir, freeze and for it to produce that texture rather than slaving over lots of stirring or with an expensive ice cream machine?

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