Feeling fresh

I learnt a lesson in being a sensible adult and spending more money sometimes this year. For the previous two years, Dan and I had been thinking we were so smart. We were beating the world. We bought the home-brand clothes washing powder and we got away with it. We were clean. We smelled fine. We spend very little money. “Those suckers!” We collectively thought, “Wasting all their money on those silly brand name products!”

We forgot about that luxurious sensation you get from a newly washed and dried item of clothing – that beautiful, fresh, homely smell. That reassurance of the comforts of warm and clean home. Safe and sound. I find it amazing how much smells really do affect me; I am very sensitive to memories and feelings rushing back as soon as I smell something in particular. For that reason I regularly change my deodorant. I’ll wear something during winter then by the time summer comes that smell reminds me too much of winter, and I need a new summery fresh flavour. Maybe I’ve used that flavour last summer. The memories come rushing back.

All I need is that particular scent of Rexona and I can still evoke memories of floating around markets in India in my colourful baggy cotton pants, or sitting on a sweltering bus with a fan blowing the humid air through my hair.

Anyway, back to the clothes – they never had that lovely smell. So after Dan and I had both been working full-time for a while and decided we “had some money” – enough to step up a level in the laundry department – we bought some Fluffy fabric conditioner. It didn’t take long playing around with Fluffy to remember how good clothes could be. So then we progressed to Surf as well. Now we use Surf and Fluffy and are so scented and happy and kind of feel luxurious after all those bland home-brand washes!

It’s going to be tough becoming a poor student again…


2 responses

  1. Hey…this means Xmas could be easy for us this year….a few brand name products wrapped in pretty paper and you’ll think all your Xmasses have come at once!

    I’m sure you’ll cope just fine with all your ‘cutting corners’ skills you have developed:-)

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