Just a trim

Today I got a five minute haircut. Like, literally. I couldn’t believe it – I had barely sat down in the chair and started chatting to the hairdresser and she was saying, “Ok, that’s all done”. Admittedly, I only got a simple trim of my long straight hair, but usually they take a lot longer than that. I hesitated, picking up a couple of strands and examining them. The split ends had all gone. In fact, I couldn’t see any. It really was all done. And it really did take just five minutes. It was amazing.

So this got me thinking – what on earth did all those other hairdressers throughout my life think they were doing fuddling around with my locks for half an hour or more? I admit it’s been quite a while since I had a haircut, so my memory’s a bit hazy. My last haircut I did myself – which might have something to do with the weird uneven structure of my front layers that the girl fixed up today. In the past few years when I have dragged myself to the hairdresser I have pretty much always gone in and just asked for a trim. Normally they try and insist on doing something else fancy to it – probably as an excuse to charge me more – but lately I have been refusing. “No, just a trim. Nice and simple. I can’t be bothered with any of that.” It always still takes ages and often they do something I’m not happy with. As simple as my request may have been.

Today I called to make an appointment at the hairdressers’, which is a new store in the shopping centre near my work, and scheduled my day around knowing I would be busy there for most, if not all, of my lunch break. I made sure I ate lunch at my desk and left the office just five minutes before my appointment so I could use up my whole lunch hour on waiting for my hairdresser, sitting down in the chair, potentially having my hair washed, getting it cut, and possible blow-drying (but only if it doesn’t cost extra). I waited five minutes, I was in the chair for five minutes, I was out. Considering it was dreary and raining outside, I was suddenly at a loss as to what to do with the rest of my time!

They even take longer at the bargain places in central Melbourne where they don’t speak English and/or don’t speak to you at all. And they usually do a bad job. I was amazed that the girl was friendly, she did a good job, and it was quick.


She didn’t try and up-sell me with an extra blow-dry, layered cut or sneaky treatment. No guilt trip for wanting cheap and simple.

“That’s just $17 thanks.”

For a haircut, this is a bargain. But man, at this rate, that’s a huge hourly wage.


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  1. Sounds like my sort of haircut….quick, simple and affordable!!! I hope they do well; no doubt they can do all those other ‘hairdressery tricks’ for those who want them…. Maybe more reasonably priced than some of their competition and with a smile:-)

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