Loss and gain with chickpea chocolate chip cookies

Every day since I posted my recipe for chickpea chocolate chip cookies I have been flabbergasted by the response. My blog site statistics have absolutely skyrocketed and its because chickpea chocolate chip cookies seem to be all the rage. How could I have known?

I’ve had Facebook shares, Pinterest re-pins and many, many, OH so many Google searches.

Today hasn’t been a massive day overall but I have still had 63 views on my chickpea chocolate chip cookies post. My post with the second-highest views today has only 2! This is really typical of what I’ve been seeing basically every day recently!

Here are some of the things people actually typed into Google, leading them to my page, just today:

“chickpea chocolate chip cookies”

“chocolate cookies made with chickpeas”

“chickpeas chocolate chip cookies”

“chocolate chip cookies using chickpeas”

“choc chip cookies made with chickpeas”

“chickpea cookies”

“choc chip cookies chickpeas”

“chickpea cookie recipe”

“chickpea cookies choc chip”


Pardon me, but when and how did this quirky recipe become so popular?! Since I started the blog I’ve had views from all over the world, with plenty from Australia, United States and Canada. I know how much Americans love their cookies, so maybe these ones are the odd new fashion.

The funny thing about it is that when I made them, I wasn’t actually all that thrilled. I thought they tasted okay, and the healthy ingredients factor is a big plus, but my overwhelming response was, “these aren’t as good as the real thing”.

In fact, the chickpea chocolate chip cookies were so unpopular in my household that they got tossed in a Tupperware container and stacked in the cupboard.

I’d completely forgotten about them (other than being reminded of the recipe every time I check my site stats) until the other day when I was looking for something naughty like chocolate or chips in the back of the cupboard. I was so determined to find what I was looking for that I got out the stool and stood up tall, giving me an unusually full view of all the cupboard’s contents.

“What’s in this Tupperware container?” I wondered, and opened it up to find…

Those cookies everyone’s been raving about! In a much different state to when I last saw them…

These are actually the left-overs from the batch I made for my original post. What a waste! I could’ve posted them across the world to some starving Americans and they’d be in better shape by now.

Sorry people, I just HAD to post this picture.

What happens to chickpea chocolate chip cookies when you're all talk and no action

What happens to chickpea chocolate chip cookies when you’re all talk and no action



5 responses

  1. Ooooh… That was an interesting experiment/ unfortunate accident!!!
    The moral of the story is …eat them while they are fresh and only hide things in the back of the cupboard that have a good ‘best b4 date’ for those unexpected guests or moments of craving!!!
    I do hope you found some chocolate or chips in your travels:-)

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