Mount Difficult hike

Ben at has been kind enough to let me write a guest post for his blog about Dan and my recent trip to Mount Difficult at the Grampians. We did this trip a couple of days after Easter and had a really great time. It was certainly also a learning experience for us both as we are fairly new to long-distance hiking.

During and while preparing for the trip I got all excited about hiking food and trying to invent nutritious, light-weight meals. If you missed it, make sure you have a look at the post I wrote about our meals during the trip.

I hope you check out my post at Hike Australia here.


Yes, Mount Difficult was actually rather difficult.

Yes, Mount Difficult was actually rather difficult.



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  1. I travelled with you both all the way. We used to day walk when I was a teenager and then your Grandpa and I had a few days in the Grampians at one stage with the caravan parked in Halls Gap and walking here and there each day. I also go there to a Craft Camp and have driven all around the area and it is very lovely.
    Having grown up in Sydney among the rocks and bush and being taken on walks by your Great Gran, I suppose I have always enjoyed this type of thing but I haven’t ever tackled anything as “difficult” as this.
    I’m glad you are both enjoying seeing the countryside and having quite an adventure at the same time.

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