Banana choc chip muffins

I took a batch of these muffins to work today and had some pretty good responses even though I kind of burnt them a little bit and had to cover them with icing sugar!


Chocolate and banana muffins from "Raleigh Street Favourite Recipes" - Essendon Primary School

Chocolate and banana muffins

They’re chocolate chip and banana muffins, which were really easy to make and pretty tasty. The recipe is from the one and only Essendon Primary School cookbook, “Raleigh Street Favourite Recipes” – compiled by my school way back in 1998. The book is a particular favourite in the Herbison household – we’ve tried out plenty of the recipes over time.

I guess part of it is the idea that something is more trust-worthy when its been recommended by a friend. Every one of these recipes is tried and tested by the families of those little kiddies way back in the day, so I guess you can trust they’ll probably be good. Thanks, Bernadelle family!

photo (4)

From Essendon Primary School’s “Raleigh Street Favourite Recipes” 1998


7 responses

  1. What a great book, my copy is falling apart….I think I have about 6 favourite recipes from this book all of which I have been known to adapt at times….this recipe also works well with wholemeal flour! Big muffins, mini muffins….whatever takes your fancy….they are always a winner:-)

  2. I must admit I use this book occasionally too – I don’t cook as much as I used to or would probably use it more often. I seem to have a couple of favourite things I make these days -one is punpkin and date scones but they are not in the book.

  3. If you really want cut corners with the muffins, get your mum to make them. Minimal work on your part and they are always good.

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