My mushy brunch

Some friends came over just as I was sitting down to brunch one weekend. “What IS that you’re eating?” they asked. “It looks pretty good.” I hadn’t really considered what I’d thrown together until they asked me to explain it. I realised I’d invented a kind of delicious omelette, french toast and scrambled eggs-inspired mush. I have started making this a fair bit on weekends because its quick, delicious and pretty hard to stuff up. Maybe others would like to try it too…

It would seem I've got a knack for making ugly-looking food, wouldn't it? Don't let this put you off!

It would seem I’ve got a knack for making ugly-looking food, wouldn’t it? Don’t let that put you off!

The ingredients really depend on your own taste, level of hunger, and of course, what’s in the fridge.

This morning I used:

– Two slices of bread (ripped into pieces)

– Two eggs (whisked)

– A splash of milk

– Half a tomato (diced)

– A hunk of cheese (diced)

– A piece of capsicum (diced)

– A handful of spinach (chopped)

– A handful of fresh parsley (chopped)

– A pinch of each: smokey paprika, dried basil, chilli flakes, salt and pepper.

-A dash of olive oil

All my ingredients ready to be mushed.

All my ingredients ready to be mushed.

Here’s what I did:

– Whisk the eggs and milk together in a bowl.

– Add the ripped up bread and allow it to soak into the liquid.

– Chop all other ingredients.

– Heat oil in frypan. Add ingredients, stirring constantly, in roughly this order: onion, capsicum, tomato, eggy bread, cheese, spinach, parsley, other herbs and spices.

– Keep stirring until everything looks hot and the cheese has melted.

– Throw it all onto a plate (or into a bowl) and enjoy!

I think it looks pretty disgusting but it tastes great. For this reason it’s probably not something you’d serve to guests but it makes for a fantastic one-person meal!


2 responses

  1. Yum….it is surprisingly like the omelettes the cooks made in the hotels we stayed in in Vietnam but they didn’t have the clever idea of adding bread….yours is a bit messier looking too I might say:-). What a wholesome, tasty creation!

  2. Sounds a bit like my Saturday/Sunday night tea I often used to make without the bread – Look in the fridge and chop a bit of any veg there, fry slightly add eggs to bind and cook some more then enjoy.

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