Time for a sweet treat or ten

Ah, Christmas. The one time of the year we’re allowed an excuse to overindulge and eat too many sweets.

I come from a family that’s always been pretty enthusiastic about baking so there are plenty of sweet treats that have made the Herbie-favourites list. Every year we manage to consume plenty of Mum’s Christmas cake and pudding along with chocolate truffles in at least two flavours, special recipe shortbread (hint: its on the side of the rice flour packet!) and of course our tasty and easy “yum yum balls” (sometimes laced with alcohol around Christmas time).
Yum Yum Balls - they're true to their name!

Yum Yum Balls – they’re true to their name!

This year I’m travelling to England to spend Christmas with Dan’s family, so I’m excited to find out what similarities and differences their traditions have with ours. Mum’s already started the Christmas baking for this year so I certainly haven’t missed out on my dose of shortbread at least so far. However I want to bring with me to England something from our beach-side, hot, Aussie Christmas traditions. Due to the simple recipe, lack of baking requirement and deliciousness, I have decided on making some “yum yum balls” when we get there – probably laced with something naughty. The ingredients should be easy to buy over there and I know they will be simple to make.
balls pic recipe
I have recently tried a similar thing made from Tim Tams, which are amazing but so deadly!

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