Welcome and all that

Hello and welcome to Cutting Corners!

I decided to start this blog to tell everyone about all the fun and crazy thing I’ve been doing in my life. I plan to write at least weekly about everything from tasty and simple recipes I’ve discovered and my dabblings in various craft activities to tricks I’ve tried to make life cheaper, easier, or simply to make it possible to cram a lot of interesting and fun activities into my days.

I am a bit of a hobby nut; always wanting to get involved in new activities but not necessarily wanting to commit or get too entrenched in just one or two. In this blog I will tell you all about how I try to fit a little bit of a lot of different activities into my life, staying constantly intrigued. To find out more about me, check out my about me page.

In the spirit of Cutting Corners, I’ve decided to start simple with a free WordPress blog. Initially when I thought of starting this project I had an idea in my head of what the blog would look like. After hours and hours of research and contemplation over whether to spend money, I’ve come full circle to a layout which is a small compromise but basically something I’m happy with. When it comes to starting a WordPress blog, I’ve found that there are basically three options – pay for a pre-made theme at wordpress.com and customise it to your heart’s content (middle option) – download one of the many themes from wordpress.org and upload it onto a domain you host yourself (most customised but also most complicated and most expensive option) – or simply choose one of the few free themes at wordpress.com and be restricted to bare minimum customisations of things like colour and font. This is what I’ve ended up doing and it’s looking like a cheap and cheerful start!

I hope you enjoy reading my various musings. If you like a post, please send others the link and please post a comment. I would love to hear what you think.

Thanks for visiting!

– Michelle


2 responses

  1. Woohoo… It’s launched… And it’s great!!! I look forward to reading your stories and maybe even picking up some tips:-) Its fun to do a lot of things a little bit… Jack of all trades and master of none (maybe its genetic) … Although you have ‘mastered’ the writing:-)… Well done!

  2. Well, I am home again and have managed at last to catch up with all your writings and have really enjoyed it all – as Mum says this Jack of All Trades thing must be genetic and you are the next generation – we seem to have lots of these people in our family!!
    Bill has taken up leather again using grandpa’s tools etc., Leanne of course does her beads and Mum does all sorts of things. Welcome to the gang

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