Taking bargain hunting to its extreme

I’ve become a bit of a compulsive op-shopper. It’s gotten to the point where I will walk into an op shop and go straight for the sales rack. That’s right, I’m all about getting the best bargain possible. But you can’t blame me when you see some of the great stuff I’ve scored.

Last week my favourite boutique op shop had a sale – half price store-wide. Their prices are usually jacked up a little compared with some of the more junky places, but I have to admit it’s rare to see me actually paying full price in this place since they have such regular sales. I didn’t end up making it to the sale until its last day on Friday and I ended up being super glad I waited. By Friday they wanted to get rid of stuff so badly that they also had a $2 rack!

You might find it hard to believe but I ended up spending $80 in a half-price second-hand sale with $2 racks! The ladies in the shop thought I was a little crazy trying on armfuls and armfuls of garments. When clothes and shoes are that cheap, my basic rule is, if its in fairly good condition, if I kind of like it, if it basically fits me, and if I can foresee wearing it at least once, I get it. No further questions. It’s a great way to stock my (already bulging) wardrobe with lots of choices so I rarely have to stress out that I have nothing to wear for a particular occasion. I like to think of it as forward-planning paired with super-saving.

On Friday I ended up with 24 items, 5 of which were never worn with their tags still on.

Total cost: $79.50

Total dresses: 8

Formal dresses: 3

Tops and shirts: 5

Skirts: 2

Pairs of shoes: 3

Necklace: 1

My pile of cheap, quality goodness

My pile of cheap, quality goodness

Have you scored any awesome bargains lately?


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